Luthes Paris

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Super Sensitive Stoppin

The nifty endpin stop.
Catalog Numbers: 9452, 9454.

Polish Kit

Polishing kit. Contains a bottle of polish, sponge & polishing cloth.
Maintenance kit for violin contains also a pitch pipe and a rosin; for cello there is in addition a ″Stoppin″.


The rubber Bowmaster helps the beginner to hold the bow correctly.

Sensor Pickup

Amplifier for all types of acoustic instruments ; very easy to remove, using a re-usable adhesive which does not damage the instrument.

Cello endpins

Catalog Numbers: PCF31C, PCF31L, PCF21A, PCF21R.


Double bass endpin

Solid, high grade steel rod, 10 mm diameter with closely-spaced notches; ebony cone with anti-vibration cork ring; solid brass ring and screw with nylon lining; beautifully finished.
Catalog Numbers: PCB22E, PCBF32C, PCBF32L, PCBF22A.


Round endpin stop

Catalog Numbers: PVC31.

Music Stands

Catalog Numbers: PUP11.


Fine tuners

Catalog Numbers: TV21H, TV21HD.

Double bass machine heads

Catalog Numbers: MCB82, MCB42A, MCB42L, MCB52L.